Blog / Great review from Club COG at The Lexington!


“Business picked up dramatically with the next band. The Outside Royalty were without their cellist, but still captivating from the outset. Their first song ‘Safety in Numbers’, had an endless, uplifting build-up to a bewitching climax that epitomised the band’s sound. It is what modern indie rock should sound like- meaningful, purposeful, sincere, beautiful and enchanting. ‘Voice Beneath the Rubble’ continued in this vein, with the violinist augmenting the song exquisitely by herself in the cellist’s absence.

Their version of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ is still the only cover worth listening to in the London indie circuit, and their entire back catalogue is consistently hook-laden and charming, from ‘A Lightbulb Turning Off’, to ‘Palladium’. ‘Falling’, their current single, is actually not their best track, and yet still it is comfortably better than most other bands’ best efforts. They have the feel of being an important group for some inexplicable reason, and yet are incredibly friendly and approachable both on stage and off. It’s impossible to think of them staying in the underground too soon, for The Outside Royalty are one of the best bands in the country.”

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